Juri Paik

Decoded Mini, Missile Records, Kaseta Music

"A ship in harbor is safe, but that is not what ships are made for"

Child of an a shipbuilder, born in the time of cold war; direction Juri Paik took when in the end of 90's made a turning point and went winding way Djinga and production.
Electronic music he was making spontaneously was added on punk/new wave childhood, somewhere on prismatically floor Split's night club "Up & Down" at the end of the 90's. Gramophone and mixette slowly replaced the band and the garage.
In accord with that period influence on global underground scene, first trophy in listeners/collectionars carrier, Juri Paik founded himself in techno music.

On the influence of those days assistant of Inaf's, he explored music production and out of his expectations he ejects vinil on promo/white label, extremely influential Missile Records from London. He is still working on production and he is one loop in Decoded Records chain where he notes couple of releases.

Eliminates hiperproduction and quietly experiments in pursuits for basses wich will be incredible fashionable. As a beggining, sound of Juri Paik's sets expanded from Intec's, Terminal M's and Primate's, all to variety capilars techno and house music.

With experience he got the chance to take over gramophones in Dubrovnik, Belgrade, Sarajevo, Zagreb and most of dalmatians night clubs and underground club evenings in the last 10 years. He is also an all time dj at fashion shows in Split.


Inaf, Juri Paik: Bruce In Da Back, Missile records (MTEST3)

Tristy Nesh, Juri Paik: Hot Baby & Bad Erection ep, (C-Electronics 02)

Edy C, Juri Paik: Lucky Luke ep (Decoded Mini Records 013)

VA: Level seven ep (Decoded Records 024)

Edy C., Aztec, Juri Paik & Mental: Doktor Pape (BM Slim)

VA: 5 Years Of Decoded Mini Records, (Decoded Mini Records 022)

Edy C., Juri Paik, Sinisa Lukic: Kasetashi 01, (Kaseta Music 048)

VA: Fire Volume 1, Germania Win, (UNO 014)

Edy C., Juri Paik: Sunshine In Hvar ep (Percep-tion 05)