..or how the vision was born.


Inspired by the recent events and faces creeping through the ever-awakening party lair of their hometown, a small bunch of Split native DJ's, producers and promoters has finally arrived to a deciding plot of founding their newborn - an electronic music label.

"Sitdown recordings" should take place in the midst of a highly developed Mediterranean club scene right at its peek, creating space amongst the aggressive tech house impact on the side of another, festively intensive summer swarm gathered and powered around the exclusive, massive electronic music events taking place here the last few years.

The uprising of the fresh and powerful new scene has eventually risen with the flavours of a less self-contained taste of the founders and with the clear intention to beget a flow of some juicier picks and licks.

.. and beyond

They be brought to mind by styles and genres of soulful house, tech house with jazzy keyboards and deep pads. And then some... The attempt is observable: to bring forth the atmosphere and prana of Chicago and New York in some more laid - back manner, combining artists, mixtapes and, hopefully, live events, all into the walls of the anciently energised walls and lands and their modern subcultural antipodes.

So be their way, in the right way, cheers!